Temarai – 2 axis inline gimbal for head tracking systems


Temral is a 2 axis inline head tracking gimbal to be used with a head tracker either built into your FPV goggles or as an external add on to your FPV goggles.

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Note: 3 day lead time as we manufacture to order.

Product : Temarai

Version code name : Eam

Version # : 20190831_1205

Two axis gimbal optimised for slope soaring, (Pitch and yaw only).
Made by an RC flyer for RC flyers. Designed for fast maintenance on the slope with a minimum of tools and parts.

Tested with the opensource head tracking unit from Dennis Frie on RCgroups


1) Low profile to be more aerodynamic.
2) Nose mounted so you can look directly down at the cliff edge, thus staying in the uplift zones.
3) All mount points and connections are using standard parts or easy to acquire items
4) Australian designed and manufactured.
5) Standard 316 stainless M3 bolts and nylocs,
6) 2mm galvanised wire push-rods (replacement wire available from most hardware stores)
7) Common servos. Currently designed to use:
a) Corona 939MG Digital Metal Gear Servo 2.7kg / 0.13sec / 12.5g
HobbyKing SKU: DS939MG
b) Hextronik MG-14 Digital Aircraft Servo 23T 2.6kg / 0.11sec / 14g
HobbyKing SKU: MG14
8) Standard rubber bands at main connection point to lengthen the impulse time in heavy landings and
as an easily accessible replacement part.
9) Duct tape connection to outer shell for even load distribution.
10) Brass linkage stopper for 2mm push rods:
HobbyKing SKU: 450001025-0
11) Suits RunCam Eagle Pro II.

Included parts:

1) Camera bracket to suit RunCam Eagle Pro II.
2) Pitch bracket – bottom
3) Pitch bracket – Top
4) Yaw base – bottom
5) Yaw base – vertical
6) Shell parts
(a) Camera shell
(b) Nose main shell
(c) Rear shell
7) Gimbal mount bracket.
8) 3 * 2mm brass linkage stoppers
9) 6 linkage stopper washers
10) 3 linkage stopper nuts
11) 1 * 3mm dia * 50mm 316 stainless screw – Philips head countersunk
12) 1 * 3mm dia * 40mm 316 stainless screw – Philips head countersunk
13) 2 * 3mm 316 stainless washers
14) 2 * 3mm 316 stainless Nyloc nuts.
15) 3 * push rods (1.8mm galv)

Parts not included:

1) 2 * Servos (as per above specification)
2) RunCam Eagle Pro II FPV camera.
3) TX
4) RX
5) Head tracker sensor system.
6) FPV goggles
7) Vehicle modified to accept gimbal.
8) Batteries.
9) Duct tape

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 50 cm