Fly like an eagle.

Equipment for immersive RC flight experiences.

The combination of video, audio and head tracking really pulls you into the aircraft. Your body is convinced to the point that you will start to sweat and breath deeply. Now you can try things in the sky that you would never do if you were in the plane yourself. The sound of the air rushing past enhances the feeling of speed and silence warns of stall points or empty air pockets. Head tracking allows you to  keep proximity to objects around.

In an average flight you race along just above a cliff edge keeping perfect altitude, then punch out into a more windward facing bowl, thrusting you high into the sky. You pull back on the stick and there is silence. In that stall point you look straight down the cliff at the ocean below and then peer right over your shoulder. You can see the new flight line before even turning the wing. Keeping the near stall for a few seconds and sliding backwards out of the updraft, you slowly lose altitude. Then slowly rolling over and pitching nose down the whistle of the air increases and you slice down the adjoining cliff line racing past trees and rocks hunting for the next uplift zone.  You can truly fly like an eagle.