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Next day of the flying rectangle.

Today I moved the C.G. more forward. The plane flys much better now. Great to see we can make a reasonably controllable aeroplane with minimal shaping. I think for the actual head tracker I’d at least make the trailing edge taper to 5mm which is the same as the control surfaces. That way we can bring the control surfaces back to the size used on Redious and not overload the servos.

All the red plastic parts you see on this plane are available on this site. The motor mounts aren’t up yet, but will be soon.

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2 axis inline (possibly) aerodynamic head tracker gimbal

Currently working on making this 2 axis head tracker gimbal. Roll is not necessary. It it optimised for FPV slope soaring (gliding). We want it to ultimately sit under an aerodynamic cowl so most of the bumpy edges are not in the air stream. Also both rotation points have their own bolts so that load on landings are not transferred through the servo mechanics as much. This design is for the Runcam Eagle Pro 2.

It’s designed for standard Corona 939MG servos, simple linkage stoppers and galvanised 1.8mm – 2mm fencing wire for pushrods.