Quick install servo mount & control horn

This is a video installation guide for our quick install servo mount and control horn system. It can be argued that this system is not as aerodynamic as an embedded servo. That’s true, but it’s tougher and more reusable. How you ask? Because the servo is not embedded in a foam wing, there is now no hole in the foam wing causing a weak point. Anyone who flies foamies has had the wing split right at the servo mount point in a crash. If the hole in the wing were not there, the load in the impact would have more evenly distributed and the wing would still be in one piece. Annoying and now your plane has to be held together with duct tape or glue.
This servo mount is fairly easily reusable. Just cut it off the old wing. knife and sandpaper the old glue off and stick it on your new wing. You can quickly make a wing out a chunk of foam, especially when the servo mount points and motor mounts are easy.