Temarai is an inline 2 axis gimbal designed to work in conjunction with head tracking systems. It is mounted on the front of an RC aircraft. The head tracking electronics are either built into or added to FPV goggles. Designed with slope soaring in mind, the front mounted position allows the pilot to look directly down to see where the cliff edge is. It is also very useful for FPV powered wings in that it provides a more intuitive way of knowing where the horizon line is. On landings it makes judging the distance from the ground easy.

The gimbal has been designed to use as many standard off the shelf parts as possible. Standard servos, linkage stoppers, control arms and FPV cameras.

The gimbal base is connected via standard rubber bands to the main chassis providing a shock absorption system. The shock absorption system allows for those extra heavy landings or pilot error when undertaking close proximity flying.

Combine FPV head tracking with audio so that you can hear the airflow over the fuselage and flying becomes amazingly organic and immersive.

3D print files