Dion Patelis

Dion is the creator of the Temarai gimbal, the motor mounts and control horn / servo mount systems on this site. He also spends a large amount of time creating and testing various types of flying things. Some of the prototype wings he’s designed are Zawlade, Gemot, Zamten, Litreous, and Sentach. He also enjoys the related topics of watercraft fin design and sail design.
Dion studied engineering at Murdoch University in Western Australia. Before that he was a computer network engineer and programmer.

“The designs you see on this site are somewhat of an obsession of mine. I walk around thinking about foil shapes and fluid flow. Thinking about how I’m going to create the next wing, fin or mechanical part. 3D printing, CNC machining and CADCAM software is now making possible what only 10 years ago I was merely dreaming about. It still feels like magic to release a wing off the edge of a cliff and watch the wind lift it up, perfectly controlled by the TX in my hands.”

You can often find Dion at the Lennox head or Skennars head cliff tops in Northern New South Wales, testing a new wing or flying an existing design.