3D print file download – Servo mount and control horn kit


Kit of servo mounts and control horns.


This is a free download. Enjoy.

Pair of quick attach servo mounts and control horns. No through pins required or embedding servos in the wing creating weak points. Just evenly smear hot melt glue on the attachment area and stick them on.

Made for planes up to approximately 1.5m wingspan with each control control surface area a maximum of 0.063sqm per servo.

Made to suit the Corona DS-939MG 12.5gram servo.

Recommended linkage stopper – Hobbyking SKU – 450001025-0

Control arms made from 1.8mm galvanised fencing wire using a Z-bender

Servos, control arms and linkage stoppers not included.

Kit Includes downloadable files of the following:

  1. Servo mount side a * 1
  2. Servo mount side b *1
  3. Servo horn side a * 1
  4. Servo horn side b * 1
  5. Mount cover (suits both sides a & b) * 2

3D printing notes:

  1. If importing into Cura, you may have to scale the .stl file up by 10 times (10x)
  2. The print layer height used = 0.1mm
  3. Successfully printed on a Tevo Tornado

In action they can be seen at 00:53 in the video below.

A control arm howto of the Z-Bender is here

This video shows how to install a linkage stopper


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