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Looking for a supplier of EAPs.

Something we’ve been looking into is the implementation of EAP (Electro Active Polymers). EAP’s are basically the same as muscles found in animals, except that they’re manufactured product. We would like to use them in the aircraft in the previous Vlog entry. We can put standard ailerons on this plane, but it would be far more effective for fluid flow if we could merely contort the foil using flat format EAPs. That way we could spread the EAPs across the wing pulling on different points of the wing controlling the twist. Also with EAPs in series the total pull force on any point can be varied greatly. EAPs in different places would be able to hold the wing tips at the optimum zero lift point depending on the cruising airspeed required. This system could be automated using pressure sensors across the wing. If anyone knows of any suppliers of EAPs, please contact us here at 7x.

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