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Nutting out the wobbles.

Flew again this afternoon with Zawlade. Probably about a 20kt wind on the cliff tops at Skenners in an easterly.  Flew way better with an extra 90g in the nose.  The COG must be about right as it powers through turns easily. However the wobbles still happen a ljttle. Personally I think the control arms are a touch springy and the control horns need redoing as they didn’t come together the way I’d hoped. Using plasterboard anchors as control horns is fine for spoilers, but not really for ailerons. I was also a bit too excited to get it in the sky, so they were a tad rushed.

First I’ll make that part of the construction way more rigid and reasses from there. On the up side of the wobble issue, when left to fly straight, the wing stabalises. Also when the control surfaces are under load the wobbles disappear and it flies perfectly.

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