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R&D Blended wing body with birds tail tests – Litreous A & B

I’ve had some ideas bouncing around in my head about the combination of blended wing bodies, birds tails, anhedral and spanwise lift distribution. These are some attempts at finding a balance between all of the above.

I’ve been watching various different sorts of birds tails recently and realised several similarities. Also thinking about the F-111 down at the Evans head museum. The people down there were pointing out that the British had made the entire tail plane change AOA thus making sonic possible. ‘Twas just unfortunate that the Americans used it first. Still it was a British realisation.

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Time to have a crack at flight stabilization

Would like to get flight stabilization happening so it’s easier to fly FPV with the head tracker initially. At least if I balls it up I can throttle off, let go of the sticks and it will have some chance of landing flat. Would also be able to see compass headings, altitude and battery on screen through the OSD.

Think I’ll start here first and see if it works with that F3 board.

Some others to look at:



MWPTools for navigation to mix with the flight controller. That or the INAV software.